Commit b30ce857 authored by JanKusanagi's avatar JanKusanagi

Completed Post refactoring

parent e48a1a32
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......@@ -243,39 +243,38 @@ private:
FilterMatchesWidget *m_filterMatchesWidget;
QString m_postTitle;
QString postSmallImageUrl;
QString postFullImageUrl;
QString postImageUrl;
QSize postImageSize;
bool postImageIsAnimated;
bool postImageFailed;
QString postAudioUrl;
QString postVideoUrl;
QString postFileUrl;
QString postFileMimeType;
QString postAttachmentPureUrl;
QString postOriginalText;
QVariantMap postParentMap;
QString postCreatedAtString;
QString postUpdatedAtString;
QString postGeneratorString;
QString m_postFullImageUrl;
QString m_postImageUrl;
QSize m_postImageSize;
bool m_postImageIsAnimated;
bool m_postImageFailed;
QString m_postAudioUrl;
QString m_postVideoUrl;
QString m_postFileUrl;
QString m_postFileMimeType;
QString m_postAttachmentPureUrl;
QString m_postOriginalText;
QVariantMap m_postParentMap;
QString m_timeCreatedAtString;
QString m_timeUpdatedAtString;
QString m_generatorString;
int m_postWidth;
QString postLikesUrl;
int postLikesCount;
QVariantMap postLikesMap;
QString postCommentsUrl;
QString postSharesUrl;
QString m_likesUrl;
int m_likesCount;
QVariantMap m_likesMap;
QString m_commentsUrl;
QString m_sharesUrl;
QStringList m_pendingImagesList;
bool m_standalone;
QString seeFullImageString;
QString downloadAttachmentString;
QString m_seeFullImageString;
QString m_downloadAttachmentString;
QTimer *m_resizeTimer;
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