Commit 75993fe9 authored by JanKusanagi's avatar JanKusanagi

Nicer KCharSelect support-related messages

parent 5b07de6d
......@@ -227,14 +227,15 @@ qtHaveModule(SonnetCore) {
# Enable KWidgetsAddons, if the necessary module is installed, for KCharSelect
qtHaveModule(KWidgetsAddons) {
message("KCharSelect: KWidgetsAddons module found OK")
message("Character picker support: KWidgetsAddons module found OK")
QT += KWidgetsAddons
SOURCES += src/characterpicker.cpp
HEADERS += src/characterpicker.h
message("KCharSelect support: ENABLED")
message("Character picker (KCharSelect) support: ENABLED")
} else {
message("Optional KCharSelect support: DISABLED (KWidgetsAddons module not found)")
message("Optional character picker (KCharSelect) support: DISABLED")
message("(KWidgetsAddons module not found)")
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