General to-do list and ideas for Dianara, in no particular order:

/// v1.4.0?

 - Fix crash when moving contacts around in the Audience lists of a post.
   (Qt bug)
 - Use Qt's own plural handling.
 - Fix quoting partial comment.
 - Fix links losing bold/italic attributes due to style tag removal.
 - Ability to 'unshare' a post. This does not currently work as one would expect.

 - Group support. ***EXPERIMENTAL WIP******************************************
   *****Run qmake with DEFINES+=GROUPSUPPORT to test**********
   *****but make sure you run 'make clean' first**************
   *****This is intended for tests only***********************

 - Keep checking compatibility with GNU MediaGoblin.


 - Migrate Composer to KTextWidgets (Tier 3!).

 - Meanwhile stuff as movable panels.

 - Add several contacts to a list at the same time. This should always use silent mode.

 - Ability to rename/update a person list.

 - Share to specific audience.

 - In-page string search.

 - Support for animated avatars, as an option.

 - Option to add a link, when inserting a remote image, in the image itself.

 - Show if a contact is following you, in the avatar menu or the avatar itself.

 - Optional verb-icons in the Meanwhile feed.

 - Option to open links to in external program (i.e. Minitube)
   (maybe even any custom URL via regexp)

 - URL's favorited via go to the Favorites timeline, producing "weird"
   objects. Add checks for that.

 - Save drafts.
 - Add custom templates below Symbols menu.
 - "Clone this post" capability.

 - Better keyboard support.**** WIP

 - stats "support".
 - Handle server error 500 when following someone you already followed.

 - Support drag-and-drop in media uploads.

 - Accept more parameters from CLI and more actions via D-Bus interface.

 - Backup of "Activity" timeline to a directory with date-objectId-named files
   and possible attachments.

 - Ofirehose support?

 - Spellcheck. (Qt5? For free with KTextWidgets...)
 - Contacts import from file?

 - Split PumpController into a library.

 - Use Websockets.