This is a list of problems you might experience with Dianara. Some of them
are bugs in the core, but are collected here for reference.

As a general rule, if Dianara reports some sort of problem,
check the status bar (at the bottom) and/or the Log window for details.

If you find a bug not listed here, you can report it at the issue tracker:

Known issues:

 - Sometimes you'll see that a post has some comments, but not see the comments
   themselves, or not all of them. This is an issue with distribution of
   comments by the Pump servers, not something Dianara-specific.
   It is being worked on by the developers. This happens specially
   in non-public posts, the ones that are to "Followers" only.
   Until this issue is resolved, it is recommended to post to "Public".

 - The "+" button to open related posts from the Meanwhile feed will open the
   referenced posts, but you won't always be able to see the comments.
   Basically it will fail if the activity is about "something in reply to
   something else", and "something else" is in a server different from yours.
   When that happens, you'll see a message about it in the status bar.
   It should always work for activities such as "JohnDoe favorited a note" or
   "Jane updated an image", and also if the post was already available in the
   major timelines.
   This is due to some data not being present in what's provided by the server.
   **See issue:

   As of Dianara v1.3.0, this should work for any post that has been previously
   seen in the timelines, so it will work much more often.

 - Sometimes you might not be able to comment on a post. If an error appears
   next to the comment composing box, check the status bar. You'll be probably
   getting the "No original post" error.
   This is a bug in the core. It usually happens with posts from people
   you weren't following at the time they created the post, but you're seeing
   due to someone else sharing them.
   **See issue:

 - Sometimes, a comment you just posted doesn't appear in the comments right away.
   When that happens, you can click on "Reload Comments" to reload them and
   verify that your comment was indeed posted. However, the box where you type
   the comment should never disappear until the server confirms your comment
   has been correctly posted, so your comment should never be lost.

 - SSL errors can only be either blocked (default), ignored for embedded images,
   or completely ignored.

 - Several settings (such as colors) don't apply to previous content.
   They take effect on posts received after the change to the setting was done,
   after going to a different page in the timeline, or after a program restart.

 - The "insert an image from a web site" option will insert a white icon in
   place of the image while editing, but the image will be seen in the post,
   if the link to it is good.

 - Animated GIFs are not animated in some cases. They are animated when viewed
   in the separate image viewer, not in the post itself. That's why it only
   works in 'image' type of posts, not in images embedded from URLs.

 - Sometimes, actions such as posting a comment to a note, will generate a
   duplicated activity in the "Meanwhile" feed. This is a core issue,
   but don't worry, your contacts won't (usually) see this duplication.
   **See issue:

 - Related to the previous issue:
   If the newest Meanwhile activity was duplicated, updating that feed might
   add yet another duplicate of that activity if there is nothing new.

 - "Comments to comments" are not supported, nor displayed. You will, however,
   be notified of a comment to one of your comments in the Meanwhile feed,
   and can jump to the parent post if you see a shared comment in your timeline,
   and comment there.

 - When uploading media, the whole file will be loaded into memory first.
   (Not much of an issue unless you want to upload huge files)

 - When downloading attachments, the suggested filename might have a generic
   ".bin" extension, but that's just a name issue, not affecting the contents.
   Also, downloading attachments of type "file" will fail if the post is in a
   server different from yours, and not posted to Public.
   **See issue:

 - The Meanwhile feed items are always in English. That's because those texts
   come from the server (english only, at the moment), and they are not part
   of Dianara.

 - The status bar icons are sometimes quite big in certain environments,
   depending on the visual theme you're using for Qt applications.

 - System notifications are broken under Xfce (up to 4.12), showing only
   the title and no message, due to line breaks.
   **See Xfce issue:

 - Small regression on v1.3.0: the "likes" on comments are not updated from
   the info received on the "Meanwhile" feed, but it can be updated by clicking
   on "Reload comments". This will be restored on later versions.

 - The "browse messages" option in the avatar menus and in the contact lists
   will only work for contacts in your same server. This is due to a current API limitation.

 - The site users (Neighbors) list has very limited information about the
   listed users. This is due to a lack of information (currently) provided by
   the API for this.

 - Following someone from your Followers tab will change that contact to
   "Stop following" immediately, even if their server is down and you answer
   "don't follow" when Dianara asks for confirmation.

 - Some text labels (like "Shared 7 times") are highlighted when hovered with
   the mouse. This highlighting color can make links unreadable for certain
   color configurations.

 - When using the Oxygen theme for Qt widgets, and after running the program
   for a semi-long period of time, and receiving many new posts, the oldest
   posts in the timeline start showing graphic glitches which make the contents
   hard, or impossible, to read. They also stop responding to mouse clicks and
   general input. This does not seem to happen with other Qt themes.

 - Sometimes text in the Meanwhile feed's items might be cut at the beginning
   of a line.