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      Create sub-sections for different release series · 879768db
      Ian Stapleton Cordasco authored
      When looking at the documentation, the release notes section on the
      sidebar was incredibly long, due to the number of releases available.
      To make this more usable, I've split the release notes index into
      sections for each release series (e.g., 3.x, 2.x, etc.). This allows
      documentation users to open the release notes sidebar section, and then
      select which series they want. That will expand and let them pick the
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      Fix project config file discovery · df2fa18a
      Ian Stapleton Cordasco authored
      Flake8 3.0 was stopping once it found the current directory but the
      historical behaviour (that we didn't intend to break) searched past
      that (towards root) until it found one of the project/local config
      file names that could be read.
      Closes #181
  7. 25 Jul, 2016 1 commit
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      Handle multiline strings with '# noqa' · 299e200c
      Ian Stapleton Cordasco authored
      In Flake8 2.x we allowed people to use # noqa at the end of a multiline
      string to ignore errors inside the string (e.g., E501). Being blissfully
      ignorant of this, I never accounted for it in Flake8 3. This fixes the
      oversight and allows multiline statements to have the # noqa at the end.
      Closes #177
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