Remove reference to OpenStack Swift

This section of the docs could be read as pointing out the project as a
bad example. It was not intended this way, but I would like to avoid
anyone interpreting it this way. As a result, we'll continue to use
their configuration section as an example but not name names.

Closes #228
parent 6118ceab
......@@ -170,7 +170,7 @@ This would allow us to add comments for why we're excluding items, e.g.,
You can also specify ``--max-complexity`` as ``max_complexity = 10``.
This is also useful if you have a long list of error codes to ignore. Let's
look at a portion of OpenStack's Swift `project configuration`_:
look at a portion of a project's Flake8 configuration in their ``tox.ini``:
.. code-block:: ini
......@@ -220,8 +220,5 @@ They use the comments to describe the check but they could also write this as:
Or they could use each comment to describe **why** they've ignored the check.
|Flake8| knows how to parse these lists and will appropriatey handle
|Flake8| knows how to parse these lists and will appropriately handle
these situations.
.. _project configuration:
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