Add release notes for 3.1.1

Bump the version string as well
parent 0079a0ac
3.1.1 -- 2016-11-14
You can view the `3.1.1 milestone`_ on GitLab for more details.
- Do not attempt to install/distribute a ``man`` file with the Python package;
leave this for others to do. (See also `GitLab#254`_)
- Fix packaging bug where wheel version constraints specified in setup.cfg did
not match the constraints in (See also `GitLab#255`_)
.. links
.. _3.1.1 milestone:
.. _GitLab#254:
.. _GitLab#255:
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ LOG.addHandler(NullHandler())
# Clean up after LOG config
del NullHandler
__version__ = '3.1.0'
__version__ = '3.1.1'
__version_info__ = tuple(int(i) for i in __version__.split('.') if i.isdigit())
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