Commit 8e8abbbb authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson

Fix the expected bug warning in dir/param_voting_lookup tests

parent eb01f351
......@@ -1785,7 +1785,7 @@ test_dir_param_voting_lookup(void *arg)
dirvote_get_intermediate_param_value(lst, "moomin", -100));
tt_int_op(smartlist_len(tor_get_captured_bug_log_()), OP_EQ, 1);
tt_str_op(smartlist_get(tor_get_captured_bug_log_(), 0), OP_EQ,
"!(n_found > 1)");
"n_found == 0");
/* There is no 'fred=', so that is treated as not existing. */
tt_int_op(-100, OP_EQ,
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