Commit 344f5a71 authored by teor's avatar teor Committed by Nick Mathewson

Use download_status_get_next_attempt_at() more often

This guards against future occurrences of 17750.
parent f813b052
......@@ -3983,14 +3983,16 @@ download_status_increment_failure(download_status_t *dls, int status_code,
download_status_log_helper(item, !dls->increment_on, "failed",
"concurrently", dls->n_download_failures,
increment, dls->next_attempt_at, now);
if (dls->increment_on == DL_SCHED_INCREMENT_ATTEMPT) {
/* stop this schedule retrying on failure, it will launch concurrent
* connections instead */
return TIME_MAX;
} else {
return dls->next_attempt_at;
return download_status_get_next_attempt_at(dls);
......@@ -4034,9 +4036,10 @@ download_status_increment_attempt(download_status_t *dls, const char *item,
download_status_log_helper(item, dls->increment_on, "attempted",
"on failure", dls->n_download_attempts,
delay, dls->next_attempt_at, now);
delay, download_status_get_next_attempt_at(dls),
return dls->next_attempt_at;
return download_status_get_next_attempt_at(dls);
static time_t
......@@ -108,6 +108,8 @@ time_t download_status_increment_attempt(download_status_t *dls,
void download_status_reset(download_status_t *dls);
static int download_status_is_ready(download_status_t *dls, time_t now,
int max_failures);
time_t download_status_get_next_attempt_at(const download_status_t *dls);
/** Return true iff, as of <b>now</b>, the resource tracked by <b>dls</b> is
* ready to get its download reattempted. */
static inline int
......@@ -127,7 +129,7 @@ download_status_is_ready(download_status_t *dls, time_t now,
if (!under_failure_limit)
return 0;
return dls->next_attempt_at <= now;
return download_status_get_next_attempt_at(dls) <= now;
static void download_status_mark_impossible(download_status_t *dl);
......@@ -141,7 +143,6 @@ download_status_mark_impossible(download_status_t *dl)
int download_status_get_n_failures(const download_status_t *dls);
int download_status_get_n_attempts(const download_status_t *dls);
time_t download_status_get_next_attempt_at(const download_status_t *dls);
/* Yes, these two functions are confusingly similar.
* Let's sort that out in #20077. */
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