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# package sources
To build your own package source, do the following:
1. setup an webserver which can serve static files
2. create a file called ``determapp_projects.json`` at the root directory
3. create the directory ``image/packages`` at the root directory (the directory which is served)
4. put the project preview images into ``image/packages``
## determapp_projects.json
As the name implies, this is a JSON file. It has got the following structure:
- projects (Array of Objects)
- projectId (the unique id of the project, you can find it in the first line of the ``determapp_actions`` file)
- projectUrl (the URL where the export of the project is served/ where you point the browser to view the export)
- title (the title of the project, can be different from the title which is used in the project itself)
- image (optional, the name of the preview image file at ``image/packages``)
- imageSource (optional, a string which indicates the source of the preview image; this can be shown at the UI)
### example
"projects": [
"projectId": "ZCpbOzPZzxjRpB1a",
"projectUrl": "",
"title": "Tagfalter Deutschlands",
"image": "schmetterlinge.jpg",
"imageSource": " (CC BY-SA 3.0, zugeschnitten)"
"projectId": "DxwFSNQdcGvelkBo",
"projectUrl": "",
"title": "Saprobien",
"image": "saprobien.jpg"
## image caching
Images are only refreshed if the file name was changed.
Due to that, you should change the filename if you modify/ replace the preview image.
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