1. 26 Jan, 2020 5 commits
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      Input: put constants in own module. · 8316a628
      Anthony DeRobertis authored
      This is just much simpler going forward, and a lot less "magic"
      happening. Just put the autogenerated code in its own module, instead of
      the main one via trickery.
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      Unify KEY_ and BTN_. · 113f5799
      Anthony DeRobertis authored
      Both of these refer to bits in the capabilities/key file, no idea why
      they did that... but they did. So its easier if our reverse-lookup table
      combines them.
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      Sort some and add some section headers. · ffc5989c
      Anthony DeRobertis authored
      Easy enough to sort the EXPORT_OK and prototypes; the other two use each
      so I'd have to change it. Not sure if there is any reason to (other than
      reducing the diff size of generated code.)
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      Add prototypes; add strict. · 56df1652
      Anthony DeRobertis authored
      Need prototypes for Perl to know those are function calls (when one
      macro references another). Strict found this.
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      Auto-generate from <linux/input.h>. · 7a781825
      Anthony DeRobertis authored
      Going to do the work to actually parse the input capabilities, this will
      probably eventually become its own module. At least once someone
      processes my PAUSE ID request.
      This commit includes a Dist::Zilla plugin to do the work. I think its
      still simple enough to be safe from reinventing-h2xs syndrome. The
      Dist::Zilla plugin isn't included in the dist.
      CI config is a little funky because GitLab CI is running this with -o
      pipefail, so need to stop grep returning no output from failing the