1. 22 May, 2022 8 commits
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      Merge branch 'upgrade-to-bullseye' into 'master' · da6725f9
      Anthony DeRobertis authored
      Upgrade to Bullseye
      See merge request !6
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      Update homepage for Bullseye · 2796a1bd
      Anthony DeRobertis authored
      Mention its now built with Bullseye, and also provide a link to the old
      page in case you need Buster for some reason. Will have to keep that
      link updated (tempted to change the old release to default to 90s
      Update RAM requirement, too. Probably the apt index workaround causing
      the higher RAM requirement. (Does anyone have 768MB or less anymore?)
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      Up version · a0c5cee1
      Anthony DeRobertis authored
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      Enable apt indices on image to work around bug · d540cedb
      Anthony DeRobertis authored
      Debian bug 994982 causes live-build to fail with an "Unable to locate
      package squashfs-tools" error. It's fixed in bookworm, but that isn't
      released yet. So put the indices on the iso for now. Makes the image
      slightly larger.
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      Mostly find & replace · 7607185b
      Anthony DeRobertis authored
      First up, just s/buster/bullseye/g. See how much work we have to do to
      get this building and working with Bullseye. Not anticipating much, but
      you never know.
      Second, update LEGAL file with SPDX data. Appears it's now required,
      causing the build to fail. There isn't an exception that matches our
      OpenSSL exception (but it close to openvpn-openssl-exception — that may
      be where I got the language from). Update the copyright year, too.
      Third, add perl-xs-dev. Appears to be needed to build now.
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      Merge branch 'fix-spelling-received' into 'master' · 7e765486
      Anthony DeRobertis authored
      Fix spelling of "received"
      See merge request !4
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      Merge branch 'modern-style' into 'master' · 7c19c9c6
      Anthony DeRobertis authored
      New modern style, thanks Ruben Albornoz.
      See merge request !5
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      Switch to own runner for ISO jobs · f0252e8e
      Anthony DeRobertis authored
      Looks like GitLab tightened some security settings, now live-build
      doesn't work on their runners. So bring my own... Annoying.
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