MapMagic World Generator

MapMagic World Generator

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Plugin Tools are required along with this repository to make MapMagic Beta work:

Welcome to MapMagic 2 - a platform for terrain creation and automatic game object placement.

This tool uses a node-based visual scripting interface to determine creation logic. Each node represents a separate algorithm called a “generator”. Examples of generators include: noise, voronoi, blend, curve, erosion, object scatter, forest, etc. All nodes are presented on a field called the “graph”.

For MM1 documents see here: MapMagic Manual.

Main Concepts

Quick Start
Graph Window
Right Click Menu

Difference from MapMagic 1


Map Generators

Initial generators
Constant Constant
Import Import
Noise Noise
SimpleForm Simple Form
Voronoi Voronoi

Blend Blend
Blur Blur
Cavity Cavity
Constant Contrast
Curve Curve
Erosion Erosion
Levels Levels
Mask Mask
Normalize Normalize
Slope Slope
Selector Selector
Terrace Terrace
UnityCurve Unity Curve

HeightOut Height
TexturesOut Textures
GrassOut Grass
TexturesOut Custom
TexturesOut MicroSplat
TexturesOut MegaSplat
TexturesOut CTS
GrassOut VS Pro Maps

Objects Generators

Initial generators
Positions Positions
Scatter Scatter
Random Random

Adjust Adjust
Combine Combine
Floor Floor
Flatten Flatten
Forest Forest
Mask Mask
Rarefy Rarefy
Split Split
Stroke Stroke
Spread Spread
Stamp Stamp
Slide Slide

Objects Objects
Trees Trees

Splines Generators

Align Align
Avoid Avoid
Floor Floor
Interlink Interlink
Merge Merge
Optimize Optimize
Pathfinding Pathfinding
Push Push
Relax Relax
Stroke Stroke
Stamp Stamp
Weld Close Weld Close
Output Output


Biomes Set Biomes Set
Function Function
Whittaker Whittaker