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= Demonstration of Wikidata-powered infocards =
Copyright: Dan Scott (, Laurentian University
License: GPL version 2 or later
This is a simple implementation of infocards powered by Wikidata. To adapt this
to your music catalogue, you may be able to simply change the four CSS selector
variables in wikidata_music_card.js to match your catalogue's structure.
The code on which this implementation is based is running in production on an
Evergreen library system at Laurentian University at
== Limitations ==
* Currently limited to search and display in English.
* Currently limited to the domain of music. If you want to use this in a
broader domain, you will need to change the SPARQL query accordingly.
Consider using lookups based on authority IDs--for example, you could
use Wikidata IDs in MARC $0 subfields and look up the data directly, or
use existing authority IDs (such as LC) to find matches based on Wikidata's
extensive authority controls.
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en-us">
<meta charset="utf-8">
<meta name = "viewport" content = "initial-scale = 1.0">
<title>The 1985 Juno Awards collection - Laurentian University</title>
<body vocab="" typeof="MusicAlbum">
<h1 property="name">The 1985 Juno Awards collection</h1>
<section id="contributors">
<div typeof="Person" property="contributor" resource="#schemacontrib1">
<span property="name">Adams, Bryan</span> (<span property="description">Singer</span>).</div>
<div typeof="Person" property="contributor" resource="#schemacontrib2">
<span property="name">Hart, Corey</span> (<span property="description">Singer</span>).</div>
<div typeof="Person" property="contributor" resource="#schemacontrib3">
<span property="name">Silver, Liberty</span> (<span property="description">Singer</span>).</div>
<div typeof="Person" property="contributor" resource="#schemacontrib5">
<span property="name">Thompson, Don</span> (<span property="description">Instrumentalist</span>).</div>
<div typeof="Person" property="contributor" resource="#schemacontrib6">
<span property="name">Luba</span> (<span property="description">Singer</span>).</div>
<div typeof="Person" property="contributor" resource="#schemacontrib8">
<span property="name">lang, k.d. (Kathryn Dawn),</span> <span property="birthDate">1961</span>-</span>
(<span property="description">Singer</span>).</div>
<div typeof="Organization" property="contributor" resource="#schemacontrib10">
<span property="name">The Family Brown</span> (<span property="description">Performer</span>).</div>
<div typeof="Organization" property="contributor" resource="#schemacontrib11">
<span property="name">Parachute Club</span> (<span property="description">Performer</span>).</div>
<section id="record_details">
<h2>Record details</h2>
<li><strong>Physical Description:</strong> 1 sound disc : 33 1/3 rpm, stereo</li>
<li><strong>Publisher:</strong> <span property="publisher" typeof="Organization">
<span property="location">Montréal, Qué. :</span>
<span property="name">Radio Canada International,</span>
<span property="datePublished">1986.</span>
<section id="contents">
<h2>Content descriptions</h2>
<td class="rdetail_content_type">Formatted Contents Note: </td>
<td class="rdetail_content_value" property="keywords">Heaven / Adams -- Never surrender / Hart -- Lost somewhere inside your love / Silver -- Railroad man / McLauchlan -- Tokyo Rose / Idle Eyes -- I"ve never been in love before / Thompson -- Let it go / Luba -- Go to pieces / Janz -- Wouldn"t you love us together again / The Family Brown -- At the feet of the moon / Parachute Club -- Pine and stew / lang -- Minuetto from Quartet in B flat major / Mozart.</td>
<script src="wikidata_music_card.js"></script>
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