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    Add support for qpsol and solvers other than IPOPT · b2dc65d6
    Tjerk Vreeken authored
    We change the solver_options API by removing the workaround for IPOPT to
    pass it options. This behavior changed between CasADi 2 and 3. The
    workaround makes using solver other than IPOPT harder however, so instead
    we go back to the old way of just passing through most options directly to
    This commit alo introduces a new option "casadi_solver" for the dictionary
    returned by solver_options(). The default value is "nlpsol" for
    backwards compatibility. Another typical option would be "qpsol".
    It also introduces a new API function "solver_success()" to override
    what solver return status should be considered succesful, and how to
    log said status.
    Closes #1006
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