1. 19 Nov, 2018 1 commit
  2. 27 Sep, 2018 1 commit
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      Update eliminable variable expression · 854d9605
      Tjerk Vreeken authored
      Since Pymoca 0.4.1, expanding vectors is performed first if expand_mx is
      set as well. This means that the variable elimination should also handle
      trailing array indices, e.g. "a.b._c[1,2]" instead of just "a.b._c".
  3. 26 Sep, 2018 1 commit
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      Use AliasRelation generated by Pymoca · f3545cc2
      Tjerk Vreeken authored
      Since Pymoca 0.4.0, the AliasRelation is part of the Model (and
      CachedModel) classes. We can therefore save a bit of time by not
      rebuilding it ourselves.
  4. 06 Aug, 2018 1 commit
  5. 26 May, 2018 1 commit
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      Add console scripts for accessible examples and libraries · 752fb424
      Tjerk Vreeken authored
      The examples for RTC-Tools do not come packaged in the pip package, and
      neither would the typical installation location be very convenient.
      Editable installs with a git repository are of course possible for
      developers, but end users need something easier and more accessible.
      The same goes for the Modelica libraries. They are now also included as
      pip packages, and the location of the Modelica files is therefore not
      very accessible.
      To solve this, we add two console scripts, that will get placed in PATH
      upon installation:
      - rtc-tools-download-examples
      - rtc-tools-copy-libraries
      Note that the Modelica libraries are _copied_ and not symlinked, to
      avoid confusion when editing files, and also avoid users inadvertently
      deleting the actual Modelica files in the package.
      Closes #1032 and #1034
  6. 25 May, 2018 1 commit
    • Jorn Baayen's avatar
      Delayed feedback expressions now supported · 666371b8
      Jorn Baayen authored
      Pymoca now supports modelica delay() expressions. This commit updates
      ModelicaMixin to use the improved Pymoca API, as well as the changes
      needed in transcribe() to resolve constraints associated with delay
      expressions and durations.
      So far, delay durations may only consist of expressions of parameters,
      numerical values, and constant inputs so as to ensure delay durations
      are resolvable to numerical values at transcribe() time.
  7. 19 Apr, 2018 1 commit
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      Use tox for tests · b5dbcb65
      Tjerk Vreeken authored
      This allows us to easily run tests for multiple platforms, and multiple
      versions of Python.
      Closes #1000
  8. 19 Feb, 2018 1 commit
  9. 14 Feb, 2018 1 commit
    • Tjerk Vreeken's avatar
      Relicense to LGPLv3, and remove GPL notices · bc4ebe74
      Tjerk Vreeken authored
      The filenames COPYING and COPYING.LESSER are suggested by the Free
      Software Foundation, and also typically used in many automatic checkers.
      The command-line notices were required by the GPL, but are not needed to
      be compliant with the LGPL. We remove them to behave more like similarly
      licensed software (e.g. CasADi), which do not produce such notices.
  10. 28 Nov, 2017 3 commits
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      Lower version requirement to Python 3.5 · 13d701be
      Tjerk Vreeken authored
      There is no reason not to support Python 3.5 as well, which happens to
      be the default on many systems at time of writing.
      Also include the python_requires argument, which is respected by
      versions of pip >= 9.0.0.
    • Tjerk Vreeken's avatar
      Rename distribution name to rtc-tools · 5ec10f94
      Tjerk Vreeken authored
      The import name of the package remains "rtctools" as no dashes are
      supported in those.
      Note that the "rtctools" package on PyPI has been made an alias to the
      "rtc-tools" package. That way we show the preference for the usage of
      the dash version, but still allow users to make a typo in trying to
      install "rtctools" instead.
    • Tjerk Vreeken's avatar
      Fix _version.py generation for distributions · af05a728
      Tjerk Vreeken authored
      Versioneer needs to override certain commands, e.g. sdist. We therefore
      cannot add a subdictionary to the cmdclass dictionary, but instead have
      to put version.get_cmdclass()'s keys and values at the top level.
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