1. 27 Apr, 2018 1 commit
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      Do not use variables for min/max of path goals · b3f098ed
      Tjerk Vreeken authored
      Using variables for the min/max series of path goals resulted in (at
      least) quadratic constraints. These min/max series variables had equal
      bounds, and most solvers remove these variables in the preprocessor of the
      optimization. So although there was no problem for e.g. IPOPT, it was not
      possible for the user or CasADi to easily detect whether the problem was
      As a concrete example, it was not possible to use CLP (a linear solver),
      because a Hessian check in CasADi would fail. Furthermore, there might be
      solvers that we want to use that do not (by default) support the
      elimination of variables with equal bounds.
      Instead of using variables, we can instead specify the min/max series
      as additional constant inputs.
      Fixes #1005
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  13. 28 Nov, 2017 4 commits
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      Update CI yml to enable testing again · 5e1147b6
      Tjerk Vreeken authored
      Testing is only done for Linux at the moment. Testing for Windows (and
      possibly MacOS) will be added at a later date.
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      Lower version requirement to Python 3.5 · 13d701be
      Tjerk Vreeken authored
      There is no reason not to support Python 3.5 as well, which happens to
      be the default on many systems at time of writing.
      Also include the python_requires argument, which is respected by
      versions of pip >= 9.0.0.
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      Rename distribution name to rtc-tools · 5ec10f94
      Tjerk Vreeken authored
      The import name of the package remains "rtctools" as no dashes are
      supported in those.
      Note that the "rtctools" package on PyPI has been made an alias to the
      "rtc-tools" package. That way we show the preference for the usage of
      the dash version, but still allow users to make a typo in trying to
      install "rtctools" instead.
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      Fix _version.py generation for distributions · af05a728
      Tjerk Vreeken authored
      Versioneer needs to override certain commands, e.g. sdist. We therefore
      cannot add a subdictionary to the cmdclass dictionary, but instead have
      to put version.get_cmdclass()'s keys and values at the top level.
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