Commit b977ecc5 authored by Tjerk Vreeken's avatar Tjerk Vreeken

Update casadi3 branch references to master

The casadi3 branch was the point of main development, and has now
replaced master. The latter has been renamed/moved to maintenance/2.0.x.
Any references to the casadi3 branch in the code (code coverage, badges)
have now been update to point to master.

Note that the actual renaming of casadi3 to master was a "simple" force
push, and not a merge commit. This is because development had diverged
for too long, and no active development was happening on the "old"
master anyway.
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branch: casadi3
branch: master
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......@@ -3,8 +3,8 @@ This is RTC-Tools 2, a toolbox for control and optimization of water systems.
Visit our website at:
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