Commit 9ceda84d authored by Jorn Baayen's avatar Jorn Baayen Committed by Tjerk Vreeken

PIMixin: Output PI files with time stamps from times() method

Similar fix to previous commit.
parent 968c5456
......@@ -323,13 +323,22 @@ class PIMixin(OptimizationProblem):
# Call parent class first for default behaviour.
# Get time stamps
times = self.times()
if len(set(times[1:] - times[:-1])) == 1:
dt = timedelta(seconds=times[1] - times[0])
dt = None
# Start of write output
# Write the time range for the export file.
self.__timeseries_export.times = self.__timeseries_import.times[self.__timeseries_import.forecast_index:]
self.__timeseries_export.times = [
+ timedelta(seconds=s) for s in times]
# Write other time settings
self.__timeseries_export.forecast_datetime = self.__timeseries_import.forecast_datetime
self.__timeseries_export.dt = self.__timeseries_import.dt
self.__timeseries_export.dt = dt
self.__timeseries_export.timezone = self.__timeseries_import.timezone
# Write the ensemble properties for the export file.
......@@ -337,7 +346,6 @@ class PIMixin(OptimizationProblem):
self.__timeseries_export.contains_ensemble = self.__timeseries_import.contains_ensemble
# Start looping over the ensembles for extraction of the output values.
times = self.times()
for ensemble_member in range(self.ensemble_size):
results = self.extract_results(ensemble_member)
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