Commit 8045046a authored by Jesse VanderWees's avatar Jesse VanderWees 🐘 Committed by Tjerk Vreeken

Doc note in MI example about solver support

Solver support is a FAQ not adequately addressed in the documentation.
We add a note to the mixed-integer example directing people to
parent bef18ad3
......@@ -12,6 +12,14 @@ Mixed Integer Optimization: Pumps and Orifices
hydraulic model, and assumes basic exposure to RTC-Tools. To start with
basics, see :doc:`basic`.
.. note::
By default, if you define any integer or boolean variables in the model, RTC-Tools
will switch from IPOPT to BONMIN. You can modify solver options by overriding
method. Refer to CasADi's nlpsol interface for a list of supported solvers.
The Model
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