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first steps with adding how to run rtc in examples

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......@@ -187,17 +187,17 @@ All together, the whole example script is as follows:
Running RTC-Tools
* An explaination of how to run RTC-Tools goes here.
* So does a description of the terminal output
To run this basic example in RTC-Tools, navigate to the ``<installation
directory>\RTCTools2\examples\basic\src`` directory in the RTC-Tools shell and
run the example using ``python``. For more details about using
RTC-Tools, see :ref:`running-rtc-tools`.
Extracting Results
The results from the run are found in ``output/timeseries_export.csv``. Any
The results from the run are found in ``output\timeseries_export.csv``. Any
CSV-reading software can import it, but this is what the results look like when
plotted in Microsoft Excel:
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