Commit 4e18b318 authored by Jorn Baayen's avatar Jorn Baayen

Added an experimental homotopy mixin for solving non-convex problems.

parent 34d04967
# cython: embedsignature=True
from rtctools.optimization.optimization_problem import OptimizationProblem
from rtctools.optimization.timeseries import Timeseries
import logging
logger = logging.getLogger("rtctools")
class HomotopyMixin(OptimizationProblem):
def seed(self, ensemble_member):
if self._theta == 0.0:
seed = super(HomotopyMixin, self).seed(ensemble_member)
# Seed with previous results
seed = {}
results = self.extract_results(ensemble_member)
for key in results.keys():
seed[key] = Timeseries(self.times(key), self._results[
return seed
def parameters(self, ensemble_member):
parameters = super(HomotopyMixin, self).parameters(ensemble_member)
options = self.homotopy_options()
parameters[options['homotopy_parameter']] = self._theta
return parameters
def homotopy_options(self):
return {'delta_theta_0' : 1.0,
'delta_theta_min' : 0.01,
'homotopy_parameter': 'theta'}
def optimize(self):
self._theta = 0.0 # Homotopy parameter
options = self.homotopy_options()
delta_theta = options['delta_theta_0']
while self._theta <= 1.0:"Solving with homotopy parameter theta = {}.".format(self._theta))
success = super(HomotopyMixin, self).optimize()
if not success:
if self._theta == 0.0:
return False
self._theta -= delta_theta
delta_theta /= 2
if delta_theta < options['delta_theta_min']:
return False
self._theta += delta_theta
return True
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