Commit 3837bc50 authored by Jorn Baayen's avatar Jorn Baayen

Continue work on interfacing with pymola

parent 0d251644
from casadi import MX, Function, jacobian, vertcat, reshape, mtimes, substitute
from casadi import MX, Function, jacobian, vertcat, reshape, mtimes, substitute, interpolant
import numpy as np
import logging
......@@ -42,5 +42,20 @@ def reduce_matvec_plus_b(e, v):
return reduce_matvec(e, v) + b
def is_equal(a, b):
return np.all([((a_ - b_) == 0) for a_, b_ in zip(a, b)])
def interpolate(ts, xs, t, equidistant, mode=0):
if mode == 0:
return interpolant(ts, xs, t, equidistant)
if mode == 1:
xs = xs[:-1] # block-forward
xs = xs[1:] # block-backward
t = MX(t)
if t.size1() > 1:
t_ = MX.sym('t')
xs_ = MX.sym('xs', xs.size1())
f = Function('interpolant', [t_, xs_], [mul(transpose((t_ >= ts[:-1]) * (t_ < ts[1:])), xs_)])
f ='interpolant_map', t.size1())
return transpose(f([transpose(t), repmat(xs, 1, t.size1())])[0])
return mul(transpose((t >= ts[:-1]) * (t < ts[1:])), xs)
\ No newline at end of file
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......@@ -174,7 +174,7 @@ class OptimizationProblem(metaclass = ABCMeta):
bounds = self.bounds()
for variable in self.dae_variables['control_inputs']:
variable = variable.getName()
variable =
if variable not in bounds:
"OptimizationProblem: control input {} has no bounds.".format(variable))
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