Commit 300f8347 authored by Jorn Baayen's avatar Jorn Baayen

Fix unit test

parent 27aa1984
......@@ -88,13 +88,13 @@ class TestPI(TestCase):
# Change unit
timeseries = pi.Timeseries(
self.data_config, data_path(), "timeseries_import", binary=False)
timeseries._set_unit('S', unit='kcfs', ensemble_member=0)
timeseries.set_unit('S', unit='kcfs', ensemble_member=0)
timeseries = pi.Timeseries(
self.data_config, data_path(), "timeseries_import", binary=False)
self.assertEqual(timeseries._get_unit('S', ensemble_member=0), 'kcfs')
timeseries._set_unit('S', unit='m3/s', ensemble_member=0)
self.assertEqual(timeseries.get_unit('S', ensemble_member=0), 'kcfs')
timeseries.set_unit('S', unit='m3/s', ensemble_member=0)
# Remove last item
......@@ -164,8 +164,8 @@ class TestPI(TestCase):
timeseries.set('S', orig_values, ensemble_member=0)
# Because we don't support extension of nonequidistant series, we need
# to reset the times manually.
timeseries._times = orig_times
timeseries._end_datetime = orig_end
timeseries.times = orig_times
timeseries.end_datetime = orig_end
# Increase start date time
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