Commit 2d4a1c73 authored by Tjerk Vreeken's avatar Tjerk Vreeken

Fix interpolation call in map_path_expression

This could lead to an exception being thrown by CasADi, because the
integer for "mode" would be passed as the boolean for "equidistant". We
are lucky that there was no implicit casting of int->bool, or this would
have turned into an obscure bug.
parent ad65d4af
......@@ -2094,7 +2094,7 @@ class CollocatedIntegratedOptimizationProblem(OptimizationProblem, metaclass=ABC
values = self.state_vector(state, ensemble_member)
if len(times) != n_collocation_times:
accumulation_states[i] = interpolate(
times, values, collocation_times, interpolation_method)
times, values, collocation_times, self.equidistant, interpolation_method)
accumulation_states[i] = values
nominal = self.variable_nominal(state)
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