Commit 2bd74d45 authored by Jesse VanderWees's avatar Jesse VanderWees 🐘

got rid of convert method

parent 106bb829
......@@ -615,21 +615,9 @@ class Timeseries:
self._values[ensemble_member][variable] = new_values
def convert(self, target_dtype):
Convert the timeseries to the specified dtype (inline).
:param target_dtype: Target numpy dtype.
self._internal_dtype = target_dtype
for ensemble_member in range(len(self._values)):
for key in self._values[ensemble_member].keys():
self._values[ensemble_member][key] = self._values[
def resize(self, start_datetime, end_datetime):
Resize the timeseries to stretch from start_datetime to te.
Resize the timeseries to stretch from start_datetime to end_datetime.
:param start_datetime: Start date and time.
:param end_datetime: End date and time.
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