Commit 196d1fb7 authored by Teresa Piovesan's avatar Teresa Piovesan

Fix timeseries export PIMixin for ensembles

The underlying Timeseries class in raised an AssertionError when
trying to set the "ensemble_size" without first setting
"contains_ensemble" to True.
parent 4c3af937
......@@ -342,6 +342,8 @@ class PIMixin(OptimizationProblem):
self.__timeseries_export.timezone = self.__timeseries_import.timezone
# Write the ensemble properties for the export file.
if self.ensemble_size > 1:
self.__timeseries_export.contains_ensemble = True
self.__timeseries_export.ensemble_size = self.ensemble_size
self.__timeseries_export.contains_ensemble = self.__timeseries_import.contains_ensemble
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