Commit bab85926 authored by Benjamin Summerton's avatar Benjamin Summerton

Added reset()/restart() procs

parent dc650bea
......@@ -11,14 +11,21 @@ type
# Function prototypes
proc newStopwatch*(): Stopwatch
#proc clone*(): Stopwatch
proc running*(sw: var Stopwatch): bool {.inline.}
proc start*(sw: var Stopwatch) {.inline.}
proc stop*(sw: var Stopwatch) {.inline.}
proc reset*(sw: var Stopwatch) {.inline.}
proc restart*(sw: var Stopwatch) {.inline.}
# TODO lap functions
# lap(int) -> single compleded laps # TODO: flag to include current lap?
# laps() -> all completed laps
# numLaps() -> count of completed laps
# numLaps() -> count of laps (flag to include current, if there is one)
# lap(int, bool) -> single laps (flag to include current, if there is one)
# laps(bool) -> all laps (flag to include current, if there is one)
# rmLap(int) -> remove a lap by index, doesn't modify current lap
# clearLaps() -> remove all laps, doesn't modify current lap
# These functions are for the current lap (or previous one if not running)
......@@ -78,6 +85,19 @@ proc stop*(sw: var Stopwatch) =
sw.startTicks = 0
# TODO document
proc reset*(sw: var Stopwatch) =
sw.running = false
sw.startTicks = 0
sw.laps.setLen(0) # Clear the laps
# TODO document
proc restart*(sw: var Stopwatch) =
proc nsecs*(sw: var Stopwatch): int64 =
let curTicks = getTicks().Nanos
......@@ -39,7 +39,15 @@ echo sw.secs
echo sw.secs
echo "total=", sw.totalSecs
echo ""
echo "total=", sw.totalSecs
echo "total=", sw.totalSecs
echo "total=", sw.totalSecs
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