Commit 997622fa authored by Benjamin Summerton's avatar Benjamin Summerton

slight README fixup

parent 46994728
......@@ -72,16 +72,16 @@ var sw = newStopwatch()
for y in countup(0, imgHeight - 1):
for x in countup(0, imgWidth -1 ):
# ... lengthy image operation
# ... lengthy pixel operation
# Query an individual lap's time
let firstPixelTime = sw.lap(0).msecs # Gets time in milliseconds
# Total time (all laps) in nanoseconds
let nanos = sw.totalNsecs
# Total time (all laps) in microseconds
let nanos = sw.totalUsecs
# Get each pixel's time in seconds (as a seq[float])
# Get each lap's time into seconds from nanoseconds (as a seq[float])
let lapsSecs = int64): float = secs(x))
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