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update nimble version to v3.2 and README

parent bc32c214
......@@ -84,6 +84,16 @@ let micros = sw.totalUsecs
let lapsSecs = int64): float = secs(x))
JavaScript Target
This library does support the Nim compiler's experimental JavaScript target.
Though note that it's experimental as well. I had some issues with my `sleep()`
function in my `tester.nim` file for targeting both browser JS and NodeJS
javascript. As far as I can tell, how the Stopwatch gets/recorcds time in the
JS target should be correct. I'd like to get some help though with testing (and
writing JavaScript).
Other Notes
name = "stopwatch"
version = "3.1"
version = "3.2"
author = "define-private-public"
description = "A simple timing library for benchmarking code and other things."
license = "MIT"
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