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    padlock: optionally use external unlock command · fa19cb83
    Konstantinos Koukopoulos authored
    This change allows optionally using "custom" types of encrypted folders,
    via a user-provided executable command, but only if the encrypted folder
    path doesn't already contain an EncFS configuration file.
    I've re-used the `PADLOCK_CMD` variable which seems to have remained in
    the `debops` library (even if unused).
    This was prompted because I was looking for a way to integrate
    debops-padlock with [gocryptfs][]. In my case I have a gocryptfs
    encrypted folder in `ansible/.encfs.secret/gocryptfs` and a script under
    `ansible/.encfs.secret/padlock` like this:
        exec gocryptfs -extpass="$extpass" $1/gocryptfs $2
    [gocryptfs]: https://github.com/rfjakob/gocryptfs "gocryptfs"
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