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      Support PEP-394 in the Ansible local facts · 364a6f8f
      Maciej Delmanowski authored
      Debian adheres to PEP-394, which requires separate shebang interpreters
      for Python 2.7 and Python 3.x scripts. The Ansible local facts based on
      Python scripts used by DebOps will have the shebang lines templated to
      use the specific Python version, based on the Python version of the
      interpreter used by Ansible.
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      [debops.apt] Don't install 'python-apt' package · 1cf289d2
      Maciej Delmanowski authored
      This is a classic chicken and egg problem - Ansible 'apt' module is
      asked to install 'python-apt' package which is required for the 'apt'
      Ansible module to work.
      At this point in the configuration the Python 'apt' module should be
      definitely installed by the bootstrapping infrastructure; otherwise
      Ansible would stop on previous 'apt' module calls. Removing the specific
      installation should allow Py3-only environment; if needed,
      'debops.python' role installs the APT package as well.
  8. 14 Apr, 2018 1 commit
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      [APT] Review 'apt autoremove' configuration · 5afa0a60
      Maciej Delmanowski authored
      Alban Browaeys noticed[1] that the configuration of autoremoval of
      Recommends: and Suggests: dependencies by APT in the 'debops.apt' role
      was designed "backwards", with the opposite meaning of options used in
      APT and in DebOps. After reviewing his fix I decided to redesign the
      whole thing around the 'debops.apt_mark' role instead, since it allows
      fine-tuned control over what packages are autoremoved.
      Autoremoval of Recommends: and Suggests: dependencies will be enabled if
      user sets 'debops.apt_mark' configuration options in the Ansible
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      Fix various deprecation warnings from Ansible v2.5 · 47aa3156
      Maciej Delmanowski authored
      This patch fixes deprecation warnings reported by Ansible v2.5:
      - warning about usage of 'include' instead of 'import_playbook' to
        include additional playbooks;
      - warning about usage of various tests as filters in Jinja expressions;
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      Remove unneede files from role directories · 03a84faa
      Maciej Delmanowski authored
      The removed files ('.travis.yml', '.gitignore', '', etc.) were
      useful when Ansible roles were in their own separate git repositories.
      Since everything is in one git repository now, these files are redundant
      and misleading. If needed, they are still available through the git
      commit history.
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      Move the 'debops.apt' documentation to 'docs/' · 9e7b7d33
      Maciej Delmanowski authored
      This is a test of how the DebOps role documentation could be moved to
      the new 'docs/' directory.
      The export of 'defaults.yml' files still needs to be implemented,
      otherwise documentation requires extensive changes before it is built
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