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DebOps installation instructions
DebOps can be installed and used on multiple operating systems. In this
document you can find generic install instructions and specific notes for
selected operating systems.
- Bash 4.0+
- Python 2.7+
- Ansible 2.4+
- Python ``netaddr`` and ``passlib`` library
- EncFS and GPG for encrypted :file:`secret/` directory support (optional)
Debian GNU/Linux notes
DebOps requires a current stable release of Ansible, at the moment ``v2.4.0+``.
The ``ansible`` package provided in your Linux distribution might not be
sufficient, for example Debian Stretch release includes
`ansible v2.2.1 package <>`__
which will not work correctly with DebOps. You might consider installing
Ansible from ``stretch-backports`` repository, install current stable release
from PyPI or build a ``.deb`` package from source and install it manually.
Installation in a Python virtualenv
You can install Ansible and DebOps in a Python :command:`virtualenv`
environment. These instructions are for Debian Jessie or Debian Stretch, they
should also work in Ubuntu.
.. code-block:: console
sudo apt-get install python-virtualenv virtualenv build-essential \
python-dev libffi-dev libssl-dev
virtualenv debops-venv
cd debops-venv
source bin/activate
pip install --upgrade setuptools
pip install ansible debops
# Install or update roles and playbooks
After DebOps is installed, you might want to create symlinks to the ``debops``
scripts in :file:`/usr/local/bin/` to make the commands available outside of
the the Python virtual environment:
.. code-block:: console
ln -s debops-venv/bin/ansible /usr/local/bin/ansible
ln -s debops-venv/bin/ansible-playbook /usr/local/bin/ansible-playbook
ln -s debops-venv/bin/debops /usr/local/bin/debops
ln -s debops-venv/bin/debops-init /usr/local/bin/debops-init
ln -s debops-venv/bin/debops-update /usr/local/bin/debops-update
ln -s debops-venv/bin/debops-defaults /usr/local/bin/debops-defaults
|DebOps logo|
> Your Debian-based data center in a box
|CII Best Practices| |Travis-CI|
.. |DebOps logo| image::
.. |CII Best Practices| image::
.. |Travis-CI| image::
DebOps is a collection of `Ansible <>`__
roles and playbooks designed to configure `Debian <>`__
or `Ubuntu <>`__ hosts in a production environment. The
project can configure most of the supported services on a single host, or
create and manage a cluster of hosts with encrypted communication between the
DebOps requires a Python 2.7 environment and Ansiible 2.4+ to work correctly.
See the :file:`INSTALL.rst` file for specific installation instructions.
In the future, this repository will contain all of the DebOps roles, playbooks
and other code. In the meantime if you are looking for it, check the
`debops-tools <>`_ and
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