Commit 96e45d01 authored by R. S.'s avatar R. S.

Remove deprecated resources__group_name. Use instead resources__group_templates. See documentation

parent acb34f1f
......@@ -92,14 +92,6 @@ resources__parent_dirs_mode: '{{ omit }}'
# These variables define how the role will manage custom templates on remote
# hosts. See :ref:`resources__ref_templates` for more details.
# .. envvar:: resources__group_name [[[
# Name of the directory which contains templates which should be generated on
# hosts in a specific host group. This variable needs to be set on a group
# level in the inventory to take effect, only one group is supported at a time.
resources__group_name: 'nonexistent-host-group'
# ]]]
# .. envvar:: resources__templates [[[
# Directory which contains templates that should be generated on all hosts in
......@@ -79,11 +79,6 @@ local facts managed by other roles) and Ansible inventory. Referencing
variables from other roles might work only if these roles are included in the
playbook, however that is not idempotent and should be avoided.
To manage resources on a group level, you need to define the
:envvar:`resources__group_name` variable in the inventory group that contains
the directory name in the :file:`ansible/resources/template/by-group/`
directory. Only one group level is supported.
.. _resources__ref_paths:
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