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......@@ -5,6 +5,11 @@ Frequently Asked Questions
Here you can find answers to commonly asked questions about DebOps.
.. contents::
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Can I use DebOps roles as standalone?
......@@ -25,6 +30,54 @@ will not work as expected - check the example playbooks provided in the
documentation to see how the roles are used.
I installed one of DebOps roles via Ansible Galaxy but it doesn't work, why?
TL;DR: Install the DebOps monorepo instead of specific roles and configure the
``roles_path`` parameter in :file:`ansible.cfg` config file. See :ref:`DebOps
installation instructions <install>` for details.
Long ago, DebOps roles were published in separate :command:`git` repositories
on Ansible Galaxy, and using for example:
.. code-block:: console
ansible-galaxy install debops.nginx
worked as you would expect - installed the :ref:`debops.nginx` role in the
specified directory. Around October 2017, DebOps project was consolidated to
a single monorepo and separate :command:`git` repositories were deprecated, but
still available via Ansible Galaxy as before.
About a year later, when Ansible Galaxy team implemented experimental support
for multi-role repositories and :command:`mazer`, all of the old DebOps roles
were removed from Ansible Galaxy and the DebOps monorepo was published instead.
Unfortunately, the old :command:`ansible-galaxy` tool was not updated, and
using it to install specific DebOps roles resulted in a broken state, where
a bunch of ``debops.apt*`` roles and the DebOps monorepo in a subdirectory were
installed. A solution to that was to install the published monorepo with:
.. code-block:: console
mazer install debops.debops
You would also need to tell Ansible where to look for DebOps roles, by
configuring the ``roles_path`` parameter in the :file:`ansible.cfg`
configuration file (normally the :command:`debops` script does that for you).
Another year passed, and in June 2019 Ansible Galaxy team removed support for
multi-role repositories and implemented Ansible Collections. But before that,
the Mazer team removed support for multi-role repositories from the
:command:`mazer` client, and at some point DebOps monorepo is/was uninstallable
via Ansible Galaxy.
The project now has support for Ansible Collections, and hopefully after June
2019 the situation will improve. Right now the easiest method of installation
is using the Python ``debops`` package from PyPI or directly from the GitHub
repository. You can read the :ref:`DebOps installation instructions <install>`
to find out more.
Why DebOps doesn't use :command:`ansible-vault` to store passwords?
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