[gitlab-ci] Increase amount of RAM for GitLab test

The [debops.gitlab] role requires more memory to successfully finish
asset precompilation.
parent 685b6d80
......@@ -447,8 +447,8 @@ stages:
JANE_INVENTORY_HOSTVARS: 'redis__overcommit_memory_enable=false postgresql__delegate_to=localhost gitlab_support_filesystem_acl=false'
JANE_DIFF_PATTERN: '.*/debops.gitlab/.*'
JANE_LOG_PATTERN: '\[debops\.gitlab\]'
tags: [ 'shell', 'vagrant-vm', 'mem-4GB' ]
tags: [ 'shell', 'vagrant-vm', 'mem-6GB' ]
'gitlab_runner role':
<<: *test_role_no_deps
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