[debops.unattended_upgrades] Use random-but-idempotent VMs reboot times

parent 59f65876
......@@ -299,6 +299,14 @@ Changed
the merged :file:`/bin` and :file:`/usr/bin` directories in a future Debian
- [debops.unattended_upgrades] If automatic reboots are enabled, VMs will not
reboot all at the same time to avoid high load on the hypervisor host.
Instead they will reboot at a particular minute in a 15 minute time window.
For each host, a random but random-but-idempotent time is chosen.
For hypervisor hosts good presets cannot be picked. You should ensure that
hosts dont reboot at the same time by defining different reboot times in
inventory groups.
......@@ -266,7 +266,7 @@ unattended_upgrades__auto_reboot: False
# Specify the time of the automatic reboot instead of ``now``.
unattended_upgrades__auto_reboot_time: '{{ "02:30"
if (ansible_virtualization_role in [ "host", "NA" ])
else "02:42" }}'
else "02:" + ((55 |random(seed=inventory_hostname, start=40))|string) }}'
# ]]]
# .. envvar:: unattended_upgrades__bandwidth_limit [[[
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