Commit 27e0ec2e authored by Maciej Delmanowski's avatar Maciej Delmanowski

[debops.nsswitch] Restart logind on NSS changes

parent 1d269d05
......@@ -28,4 +28,15 @@
owner: 'root'
group: 'root'
mode: '0644'
register: nsswitch__register_config
when: nsswitch__enabled|bool
# systemd-logind service needs to be restarted for authentication of users
# from remote sources (ldap, sss) to work correctly. The NSS configuration is
# not reloaded automatically on changes.
# Ref:
- name: Restart systemd-logind to fix NSS lookups
name: 'systemd-logind'
state: 'restarted'
when: ansible_service_mgr == 'systemd' and nsswitch__register_config is changed
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