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[debops.sshd] Add example of root access control

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......@@ -19,6 +19,44 @@ and generate a new one, with PAM access control enabled and using the separate
defined in the :envvar:`sshd__pam_access__dependent_rules` variable and are
managed by the :ref:`debops.pam_access` Ansible role.
Global root access
By default the :ref:`debops.pam_access` configuration restricts access to the
``root`` account to hosts on the same DNS domain, for security. This might
cause unintended lockouts if your Ansible Controller host is on a completely
different domain than the remote host.
To disable the restricted access and allow connections to the ``root`` account
from anywhere on the network, you can set in your Ansible inventory, for
example in :file:`ansible/inventory/group_vars/all/pam_access.yml` file:
.. code-block:: yaml
- name: 'sshd'
state: 'append'
- name: 'allow-root'
origins: 'ALL'
Then, you need to apply the changes to the configuration using the "context" of
the :ref:`debops.sshd` role, for example by executing the command:
.. code-block:: console
debops service/sshd -l <host> --tags role::pam_access --diff
This command will apply the PAM access configuration defined by the
:ref:`debops.sshd` role with modifications from the inventory; they won't be
applied in other contexts of the :ref:`debops.pam_access` role is used in and
shouldn't affect other access lists.
You could also add subnets, domains or other origins instead of allowing access
from any host; refer to the :ref:`pam_access__ref_rules` for more details.
Useful variables
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