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Adjust to role changes, fix variable formatting

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......@@ -9,16 +9,20 @@ To enable local spell checking of your email content, you have to install
dictionaries. For example for english and french spell checking, you would
add the following packages to your Roundcube role configuration:
roundcube__extra_packages: [ 'php5-enchant', 'aspell', 'aspell-en', 'aspell-fr' ]
.. code:: yaml
roundcube__packages: [ 'php5-enchant', 'aspell', 'aspell-en', 'aspell-fr' ]
Additionally you have to tell Roundcube that you want to use the local
spell checking library:
spellcheck_engine: 'enchant'
spellcheck_languages: "array('en', 'fr')"
.. code:: yaml
spellcheck_engine: 'enchant'
spellcheck_languages: "array('en', 'fr')"
Of course, many more languages are supported. You can find more information
about the required packages and configuration at the Roundcube `Aspell-Howto`_.
about the required packages and configuration in the Roundcube `Aspell-Howto`_.
.. _Aspell-Howto:
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