[gitlab] Use 'structure.sql' to init database

From 12.10 GitLab release, the instllation procedure changes to use the
'structure.sql' file instead of 'schema.rb' to set up the application

Ref: gitlab-org/gitlab#211487
parent 52a2023a
......@@ -214,7 +214,11 @@
RAILS_ENV: 'production'
GITLAB_ROOT_EMAIL: '{{ gitlab_admin_email }}'
command: 'bundle exec rake db:schema:load setup_postgresql db:seed_fu'
command: '{{ "bundle exec rake "
+ ("db:schema:load setup_postgresql"
if (gitlab_version is version("12.10", "<"))
else "db:structure:load")
+ " db:seed_fu" }}'
chdir: '{{ gitlab_ce_git_checkout }}'
become: True
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