Release v14.0.6

This major release provides security remediation for a number of issues identified through conducting a security audit with Least Authority. In addition, there is a major rework of the network architecture as well as a graphical desktop application.

  • Resolved DoS Vector via Scrypt in Kadence Eclipse Plugin
  • Resolved Peers That Requested Particular Data Can Sometimes Be Statistically Identified
  • Resolved Revealing Available Bytes On Storage Nodes Could Deanonymize Trusted Storage Peers
  • Resolved Eclipse Attack Much Easier Than Expected
  • Stopped advertising protocol/software version
  • New ORC desktop application
  • Elimination of trusted grids
  • Upgrade Kadence to fix null reference, infinitely growing peer cache
  • Changes the path the peer cache
  • Better PID file cleanup on bad shutdown
  • Fix an issue with running ORC as root user