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How does this repo work? Not even I know.

# Todo

- [x] Create a plank like block of relevant proportions.
- [x] Create several of them, with random poses.
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- [x] Have a depth camera and logic camera look at the objects, and produce data.
- [x] Create distracting objects.
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- [x] Have the camera move around randomly.
- [x] Extract data automatically.
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- [x] Script and automate this process, to generate a dataset.
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- [ ] Write neural network for estimating pose information
- [ ] Get estimate accuracy > 95%
- [ ] Be able to estimate poses of multiple objects
- [ ] Be able to estimate the size and pose of arbitrary planks

ideas for increasing accuracy:

- [ ] Change input from depth data, to point clouds
- [ ] Add RGB data to input
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# Issues

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- ~~If the simulation does not last long enough, it will end before the files can
  be written to disk.~~ Resolved by using `.close()` method on opened files.
- ~~I suspect the main bottle neck is the startup and shutdown of the gazebo
  program, and that if the program isn't closed each iteration of the
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  simulation, it can go much faster.~~ Assumption was correct. By running the
  simulation multiple times without destroying the docker container, the sim
  can be generated much faster.
- Apparent slowdown over time.
    - ~~Cannot see any balooning models or other entities with World.Models(),
      WorldState.SDF().ToString(), or PhysicsEngine.DebugPrint()~~
    - ~~Possibly a balooning number of cam_record plugins?~~ Nope, I removed the
      model entirely, and it still didn't change.
    - Screw it, I give up. Resolved by ending and restarting the program before
      the slowdown gets too bad.
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- Sometimes, multiple planks will appear in rendered images.
    - It doesn't happen every batch.
    - The extra models are not listed with a call to `WorldPtr->Models()`.
    - When the issue appears once, it'll appear across all the other images.
      Alternatively, it might just appear in most of the other images. It's
      hard to tell.
    - The extra models can be seen in the depth images.
    - The scene does not appear to change, when accessed by `WorldPtr->SceneMsg()`.
    - The ghost models can be accessed using `ScenePtr->WorldVisual()->GetChild()`.
    - I cannot find the cause, so I have resolved the issue by creating a simple,
      hacky system that ends the process if more visuals are detected than expected.
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    - For a reason I cannot identify, the hacky solution will produce blank white 
      images as the only produced dataset.
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- The NN would have no way to diferentiate the pose differences of a plank that
  is symmetrical. The serialisation process needs to limit it to just a few
  directions, such that the NN doesn't need to determine the exact pose, just the
  relevant ones.
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- The strange blank datasets need to be removed from the data before it trains the
  neural net.
- The only way to prematurely end the serial batch dataset generation is to close
  the terminal window, which isn't very graceful.