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Added search_features

Closes #135

See merge request !169
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## vNEXT
* Added `search_features` to `SearchSolutionsRequest` to be able to suggest
search features for TA2 to use.
* Converted all enumerations to strings. Added fields to `HelloResponse`
for TA2 to be able to communicate supported enumeration values.
......@@ -206,6 +206,12 @@ message SearchSolutionsRequest {
// fully specified pipelines without free hyper-parameters.
// Generally applies only to tuning hyper-parameters.
bool use_default_values_for_free_hyperparams = 12;
// Suggested TA2 search features to use, from ones supported by TA2 as
// provided in "supported_search_features" of the "HelloResponse".
// TA2 can ignore any suggestion. When not provided or when ignored, TA2
// can use any search features, or even search features not
// listed in "supported_search_feature".
repeated string search_features = 13;
// Call returns immediately with the ID. Use "GetFoundSolutions" call to get results.
......@@ -610,6 +616,11 @@ message HelloResponse {
repeated string supported_task_keywords = 5;
repeated string supported_performance_metrics = 6;
repeated string supported_evaluation_methods = 7;
// Supported search features by TA2. Can be an empty list if TA2 does not respect suggested
// search features for any search request, or does not support any search features.
// (TA2 can always ignore a suggested search feature for a particular search request,
// even if a search feature is listed here.)
repeated string supported_search_features = 8;
// See each message's comments for information about each particular call.
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