Commit 20b2ba33 authored by Mitar's avatar Mitar

More debugging.

parent 7ce4216d
Pipeline #98856548 passed with stages
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......@@ -865,6 +865,8 @@ def validate_installation(primitive_names, interface_version, installation, anno
pipeline_runs_tar_bytes = io.BytesIO()
with'w', fileobj=pipeline_runs_tar_bytes) as tar:
for pipeline_run_path in pipeline_run_paths:
if arguments.debug:
print("Adding pipeline run '{pipeline_run_path}' to tar.".format(pipeline_run_path=pipeline_run_path), flush=True)
pipeline_run_name = os.path.basename(pipeline_run_path)
tar.add(pipeline_run_path, pipeline_run_name)
assert pipeline_run_name.endswith('.gz')
......@@ -873,9 +875,17 @@ def validate_installation(primitive_names, interface_version, installation, anno
docker_exec(docker_container, ['rm', '-rf', '/tmp/pipeline_runs'])
docker_exec(docker_container, ['mkdir', '/tmp/pipeline_runs'])
if arguments.debug:
print("Putting tar archive.", flush=True)
docker_container.put_archive('/tmp/pipeline_runs', pipeline_runs_tar_bytes)
if arguments.debug:
print("Decompressing pipeline runs.", flush=True)
docker_exec(docker_container, ['bash', '-c', 'cd /tmp/pipeline_runs; gzip -d *.gz'])
if arguments.debug:
print("Validating pipeline runs.", flush=True)
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