Commit 00b38d6c authored by Mitar's avatar Mitar

Added TODO.

parent 10f1aa4d
......@@ -760,6 +760,8 @@ def validate_installation(primitive_names, interface_version, installation, anno
generated_json_annotation = docker_exec(docker_container, ['bash', '-c', 'python3 -m d3m.index describe -i 4 {python_path} 2> /tmp/stderr'.format(python_path=python_path)], print_output=False, run_as_nobody=True)
except ValidationError:
# TODO: Once migrated to a new Docker Python package version, we can demux stdout and stderr and just directly print stderr out, without the redirect to a file.
# See:
stderr = get_annotation_generation_stderr(docker_container)
print(">>> Stderr during generation:", flush=True)
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