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re-add overwrite HP to simon to allow it to operate on non-Unknown types

parent a8a81f9d
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@
"installation": [
"type": "PIP",
"package_uri": "git+"
"package_uri": "git+"
"type": "TGZ",
......@@ -193,6 +193,15 @@
"description": "Replace primary index columns even if otherwise appending columns. Applicable only if \"return_result\" is set to \"append\"."
"overwrite": {
"type": "d3m.metadata.hyperparams.UniformBool",
"default": false,
"structural_type": "bool",
"semantic_types": [
"description": "whether to overwrite manual annotations with SIMON annotations. If overwrite is set to Falseonly columns with `UnknownType` will be processed, otherwise all columns will be processed"
"statistical_classification": {
"type": "d3m.metadata.hyperparams.UniformBool",
"default": true,
......@@ -383,5 +392,5 @@
"structural_type": "SimonD3MWrapper.wrapper.simon",
"description": "Simon uses a LSTM-FCN neural network trained on 18 different semantic types to infer the semantic\ntype of each column. A hyperparameter `return_result` controls whether Simon's inferences replace existing metadata,\nappend new columns with inferred metadata, or return a new dataframe with only the inferred columns.\n\nSimon can append multiple annotations if the hyperparameter `multi_label_classification` is set to 'True'.\nIf `statistical_classification` is set to True, Simon will use rule-based heuristics to label categorical and ordinal columns.\nFinally, the `p_threshold` hyperparameter varies the prediction probability threshold for adding annotations.\n\nThe following annotations will only be considered if `statistical_classification` is set to False:\n \"\",\n \"\", \"\",\n \"\", \"\",\n \"\", \"\",\n \"\", \"\", \"\",\n \"\"\n\nThe following annotations will only be considered if `statistical_classification` is set to True:\n \"\",\n\nArguments:\n hyperparams {Hyperparams} -- D3M Hyperparameter object\n\nKeyword Arguments:\n random_seed {int} -- random seed (default: {0})\n volumes {Dict[str, str]} -- large file dictionary containing model weights (default: {None})\n\nAttributes\n----------\nmetadata : PrimitiveMetadata\n Primitive's metadata. Available as a class attribute.\nlogger : Logger\n Primitive's logger. Available as a class attribute.\nhyperparams : Hyperparams\n Hyperparams passed to the constructor.\nrandom_seed : int\n Random seed passed to the constructor.\ndocker_containers : Dict[str, DockerContainer]\n A dict mapping Docker image keys from primitive's metadata to (named) tuples containing\n container's address under which the container is accessible by the primitive, and a\n dict mapping exposed ports to ports on that address.\nvolumes : Dict[str, str]\n A dict mapping volume keys from primitive's metadata to file and directory paths\n where downloaded and extracted files are available to the primitive.\ntemporary_directory : str\n An absolute path to a temporary directory a primitive can use to store any files\n for the duration of the current pipeline run phase. Directory is automatically\n cleaned up after the current pipeline run phase finishes.",
"digest": "d3fcc93a7b76ca3627dee111203887b2f1193b95aa66694fd4e5198e4e171b26"
"digest": "a80712fd58fdd35d571e61b8365fa89648e45f47dbf0845eb59cb3afdf049cbc"
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