Commit dba8a85f authored by Mitar's avatar Mitar

Validate pipeline runs on devel.

parent 44ea1dcc
......@@ -814,8 +814,10 @@ def validate_installation(primitive_names, interface_version, installation, anno
], print_output=False, run_as_nobody=True)
# TODO: Disabled for now. Requires:
# Disabled on older versions of the core package, because of the bug in the pipeline run validation CLI.
# See:
if not new_cli_interface or interface_version in ['v2019.6.7', 'v2019.11.10']:
pipeline_run_paths = glob.glob('{interface_version}/{performer_team}/{python_path}/{version}/pipeline_runs/*.yml.gz'.format(
interface_version=interface_version, performer_team=annotation['source']['name'],
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