Commit 3ec653a5 authored by Mitar's avatar Mitar

Merge branch 'jpl-primitives' into 'master'

Jpl primitives - initial submission

See merge request !94
parents bc6a7397 837c2b59
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"problem": "124_120_mnist_problem",
"full_inputs": ["124_120_mnist_dataset"],
"train_inputs": ["124_120_mnist_dataset"],
"test_inputs": ["124_120_mnist_dataset"],
"score_inputs": ["124_120_mnist_dataset"]
\ No newline at end of file
"problem": "LL1_penn_fudan_pedestrian_problem",
"full_inputs": ["LL1_penn_fudan_pedestrian_dataset"],
"train_inputs": ["LL1_penn_fudan_pedestrian_dataset_TRAIN"],
"test_inputs": ["LL1_penn_fudan_pedestrian_dataset_TEST"],
"score_inputs": ["LL1_penn_fudan_pedestrian_dataset_SCORE"]
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