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Commit 1d516347 authored by Daniel Santibáñez Polanco's avatar Daniel Santibáñez Polanco
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Modular para hacer inherit en otros módulos

parent 48f80e1a
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
"name": """Facturación Electrónica para Chile\
'version': '0.4.3',
'version': '0.4.4',
'category': 'Localization/Chile',
'sequence': 12,
'author': 'Daniel Santibáñez Polanco, Cooperativa OdooCoop',
......@@ -31,7 +31,6 @@ class Boleta(http.Controller):
orders =, limit=1)
return orders
@http.route(['/boleta/<int:folio>'], type='http', auth="public", website=True)
def view_document(self, folio=None, **post):
if 'otra_boleta' in post:
......@@ -44,14 +43,14 @@ class Boleta(http.Controller):
return request.render('l10n_cl_fe.boleta_layout', values)
def _get_report(self, document):
return request.env.ref('account.account_invoices').sudo().render_qweb_pdf([])[0]
@http.route(['/download/boleta'], type='http', auth="public", website=True)
def download_boleta(self, **post):
document = request.env[post['model']].sudo().browse(int(post['model_id']))
file_name = document._get_printed_report_name()
if document._name == 'account.invoice':
pdf = request.env.ref('account.account_invoices').sudo().render_qweb_pdf([])[0]
pdf = request.env.ref('l10n_cl_fe.action_report_pos_boleta_ticket').sudo().render_qweb_pdf([])[0]
pdf = self._get_report(document)
pdfhttpheaders = [
('Content-Type', 'application/pdf'), ('Content-Length', len(pdf)),
('Content-Disposition', 'attachment; filename=%s.pdf;' % file_name)
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